10Web Review 2024: A really cool new type of webhost

Welcome to my 10Web review – A revelutionery webhost?

When it comes to web hosting, you create an account, install WordPress, and upload a theme or start from scratch.

10Web is different. I created an account that was simple and without any payment information but after that, I had no clue what to expect. I knew that 10web was different, and they offer solutions you can’t find anywhere else, but I was curious to see how it works. So, once I logged in, this picture met me.

starting with 10web

Creating a site with AI is something I haven’t seen before. Other web hosts also offer AI options but not to create an entire site. So, I went with the AI option to create a new website. Next, you had to fill in details about what you wanted, what type of site it was, descriptions, and so on. It’s straightforward, but I suggest you spend some time thinking out what you exactly want since this is AI, and the more information you give, the better the results. On the other side, I just wrote whatever popped into my head in the first 5 seconds. 


10web ai web

This is darn good, it took seconds to create a new website. Or minutes, to be honest but the process is straightforward versus starting from scratch.

10Web seven days for free

What happened next was I got this prompt of 7 days for free, and I guess this is where you have to upgrade your free account to pay if you like to continue, so I did just that. Also, when I was prompted with the cost in my paypal window, it said 0. So that’s nice, you get seven days free without paying and then get a money-back guarantee. I like it when things are 100% free; remember to cancel your account before seven days if you don’t want to continue with 10Web.

10Web dashboard

The next thing was to continue my work, see if the way forward was as simple as the beginning, and to answer that: NO! 

What happened was I could not find my premade AI site. I am sure it’s there, or you can just recreate it, but In my reviews, I dont spend too much time digging into things, I want it simple. For me, this happened:

10web review

So, it looked like I had to start all over again. I talked to support during my review and he told me the site I used was not something I could find if I did not upgrade my account… whatever that means. 

I went ahead and clicked on Create a new webpage by URL. This means you clone a site. So I decided to clone testandreviews.com

Tests and reviews got cloned in seconds, and my new site was created. I hope this function is legal, but you must use it as a start and then replace and edit everything with your images and text. Move things around and make the site look and feel as you prefer. I hope you don’t just clone an excellent-looking site and replace the text; for me, it’s stealing, so use this function only if you plan to replace most with your own content.

You might see that the 10web builder looks like Elementor. In the admin section, I could see a plugin called something like 10Web Elementor, so yeah, it’s Elementor with a touch of 10web functions.

So what about speed?

10Web promises a speed test score of 90 or higher. That’s interesting since I have a heavy test site, my movearoundsite.

Since I didn’t bother to change dns and use www.movearoundsite.com, I just continued using the subdomain I received from 10 Web. I do not think it matters much regarding speed tests since the site is still hosted at 10web. Anyway, here is the score:

First run:

10web hosting speed test

Second run:

This is without any optimization. 10Web has installed a speed boost plugin you can find in admin but had not activated it, so I went ahead and activated it. In the settings of the plugin, it said it’s already optimized, so I left it like that and went back to page speed.web.dev and tried another run:

The bottom line about my speed test using movearoundsite

10web promises a score of 90 or more. I tried the page speed test many times with and without the optimize plugin, and the results were the same as you see in this review. This tells me that without more tweaking, 10Web cannot give a 90s score out of the box, but I am confident that you can get a 90 score or better if you spend some time optimizing. Keep in mind that movearoundsite is a heavy site that is not optimized for speed, and there are no other plugins installed like optimization for images. I use a clean version of movearoundsite on all my tests, and then I use whatever plugin comes with the host provider and, if not, the LiteSpeed plugin or wp rocket plugin.

Overall, 10Web is fast but far from the fastest hosts, but good enough for most sites.

Features And Benefits of The 10Web AI Website Builder – In clear text

It’s no secret that 10Web builder offers many benefits and features, but what are they? For one, 10Web has AI-powered optimization tools that help analyze data, identify patterns, and use the data it gets to achieve better results and make operating your website more accessible. Moreover, it has an easy-to-use website builder, automated data backups, and well-managed WordPress hosting services.

In today’s online marketing sector, it isn’t far-fetched that SEO plays one of the most significant roles in a website’s success. It drives organic traffic and determines a website’s ranking on search engines. How does the 10Web website builder fit into this? You see, 10Web’s AI optimization helps to enhance your website’s visibility ranking on search engine results pages by analyzing and optimizing several factors like Mata tags, page speed, and keywords.

These features of the AI website builder are perfect for beginners and people who don’t know how to code or design a website. With its easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface, you can easily create an environment that appeals to your audience, making their whole experience more satisfying, and, thanks to 10Web’s AI-powered templates, you get to do this easily with less stress. How wonderful does that sound? You can easily customize every part of your website to your preferences in the way you know showcases the beauty of your website without getting lost in all of the complex, technical aspects of coding. 

Another one of its impressive features is the presence of two separate environments, the live environment and the staging environment. This means that the live version of your test website wouldn’t be affected by any experiments, modifications, or new feature testing you do on the staging environment. After you’ve modified your website to your liking, you can apply it to the live environment, giving you an efficient and error-free user experience.

The 10Web backup system 

One feature of the 10Web AI builder is its powerful backup system. With just a few clicks here and there, this system quickly makes backups of your test website, ensuring you never lose any vital information. Most significantly, this system helps keep your data safe, giving you the freedom to store your data for as long as you want.

The 10Web’s Website Booster

Now, there’s no exaggeration when I say the 10Web website booster is worth the hype it gets. This feature provides optimization tools like caching, auto-optimized pictures, improved core web vitals, and a PageSpeed score 90+. These tools combined help improve your website’s performance and loading time, ultimately giving you a smooth user experience. That’s not all, though; 10web also uses the content delivery network Cloudflare CDN further to improve the speed and security of your website.(If you choose the AI ultimate package you get CDN for free, if not it costs $4 per month)

10Web Migration feature

The 10Web migration option is another impressive aspect of this AI website builder. If you want to move your existing website to 10Web, the process is easy, simple, and stress-free. Without losing your data, you can quickly migrate your current website, including its images, content, and settings, using the website migration feature of 10Web. Abusing this feature saves you several hours of effort and time transferring your data.

AI writing and editing feature

Here’s something cool about 10Web– this AI website builder also has AI writing and editing features.  Spending lots of hours on writing can be annoying sometimes, especially if you want to produce many articles. Just type in your topic, and the 10Web writing and editing feature will compose an essay for you on any subject you like. AI builders’ writing and editing tools can help increase productivity by creating engaging articles and graphics.


If you want to break into the e-commerce space, then this AI tool is just what you need. WooCommerce allows you to set up your online store and manage your business however you want.

10Web Workspace

Another feature to look out for is the 10Web Workspace. This feature makes it easy to invite clients and team members to work with you on your website projects. With a workspace, you can communicate better with clients and team members, and what’s more, collaborating on a project and delegating roles and assignments is also relatively easy and more efficient. If you’re an agency or independent contractor, this feature will help in many ways to make managing your projects more manageable. Also, with the automated WordPress hosting provided by 10Web, you don’t have to stress about the technical components of your website; it’s been taken care of for you.

10Web Pricing:

One impressive aspect of the 10Web builder is its pricing options. Based on your needs and budget, 10Web has the very features you need to ensure your website runs smoothly and efficiently. Their payment plans are transparent and flexible with no hidden charges, and without spending much out of your pocket, you can get your dream website running. 

Note: Before committing, you get to enjoy a 7-day free trial.

10web hosting prices
  • Personal plan: This is for a small business website. With the individual plan, you pay $ 10 per month.
  • Premium plan: If you want to create up to three websites, then 10Web provides the premium plan at $24 monthly.
  • Agency plan: The third plan option is priced at $60 per month, which is recommended for web design agencies.


10Web’s AI Website builder is known for its high security. This website builder prioritizes the security of every website hosted on its server; it also takes preventive action to ensure that your data and the activities on your website are safe. The security software 10Web uses help monitor hosted websites to spot any security lapses, unauthorized access, or other harmful activity. This software also uses powerful malware detection tools to locate and eliminate any potential malware threats that could destroy the credibility of the hosted websites. With the efficiency of 10Web’s security software, you don’t have to worry about the security of your website; you do your work, and 10Web builder takes care of the rest for you.

Easy to use

The 10Webs UI makes navigating the various features and options simple. The signup process is simple and quick, making it easier and faster to start creating your website. Its AI website builder is perfect for people without experience in website construction and design. By simply stating what kind of website you want, the AI builder generates it for you without you needing any technical knowledge or coding skills. Also, the AI writing and editing feature and its image generator further simplify the website development process.

Customer Support 

The 10Web support is excellent. You click on a chat button and get prompted by a bot. (I wouldn’t say I like that) After a few click, I was able to talk to an agent. 

Once I started to talk to the agent, he solved all my questions in a matter of minutes. I give them 9/10. They get a minus because I have to click on a bot button before I can talk to a human—other than that, it’s excellent support.


I liked 10Web. I think it’s something new and fun to use. It targets beginners more than users who have managed some WordPress sites over the years. So if you are not skilled in working with WordPress or dont know where to begin, 10Web might be the right solution. Keep in mind you get hosting on top of their WordPress builder.

If you know how to handle a WordPress site, you can use 10Web, but there might be better options if you want more control.

The speed test showed us that 10Web offers high-speed webpages. You are getting loads of functions and a new way of creating websites + a fast host for the price. I recommend you to just test and see for yourself.

/Until next time, stay safe and cya soon!



Q: What is 10Web?

A: 10Web is an all-in-one WordPress website-building platform that offers a bundle package for high-speed website creation, featuring AI assistants, various plugins, and more.

Q: What can I expect from the 10Web review 2023?

A: The 10Web review 2023 covers the latest updates, features, and improvements of the 10Web platform, including its AI website builder, hosting plans, and pricing details.

Q: Does 10Web offer an AI website builder?

A: Yes, 10Web offers an AI website builder that helps create and design websites using AI technology.

Q: What are the pricing plans for 10Web?

A: 10Web offers different pricing plans suitable for various needs, including features such as hosting, website building, and AI assistance.

Q: Is 10Web based on Elementor?

A: Yes, 10Web is based on Elementor, a famous page builder for WordPress websites.

Q: What type of websites can I create with 10Web?

A: With 10Web, you can create websites, from personal blogs to professional business pages, using its theme builder and widget options.

Q: What are the critical features of 10Web?

A: Some key features of 10Web include AI-assisted website creation, reliable hosting, a wide range of plugins, and a user-friendly interface for website building.

Q: Does 10Web offer email hosting?

A: No, 10Web doesn’t offer email hosting as part of its services. However, it provides reliable hosting for websites.

Q: How does the AI assistant in 10Web help with website building?

A: The AI assistant in 10Web helps recreate websites by optimizing content, improving design, and providing suggestions for an enhanced user experience.

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