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Should you use AI content for aricles and blogs. What will Google say?

AI content writers like Jasper, Agility Writer, Koala, and Surfer + (all the others) are fantastic tools until they’re not.
Creating AI content is simple. All you need is an AI tool like Agility Writer, click on some settings, add keywords, and choose your headline.
The AI writer will then do the rest, and everything seems too good to be true. Well, is it? Yes

ai content

The problem with AI writers today, March 2024, is that they write in an AI language. No matter what AI tool you choose, they all write the same way, and as a human, you will soon discover how strange things sound.

“Now, let’s dive into the world of AI.”

That sentence will appear in about 99% of your articles. Yes, it’s correctly written, but humans don’t tend to write this type of line in every headline or post. And let’s face it, how can AI ever be original?
Think about all the bloggers who want to take a shortcut using AI content. In what way do you think AI can write differently from another AI writer?
Another fun thing about AI writers is that they search Google’s top results for every keyword you use as your primary keyword.

Let’s say AI content ranked, and they hit 1-10 in Google search.
Then, you come along with the same keyword. Your AI writer searches the top results and creates a post based on that. If your content ranks, then you have 11 top articles written the same, and they all copied the content from each other. Sounds strange? Do you think google would want that?

So, can your AI content rank?

Yes, it can. If the competition is low, then yes.
Will it last, or will google find out?
To answer that, we can look at the Google Core update that happened the first week of March or so. Many YouTubers and x members complained about their site being deindexed and punished. Some called it the big clap.
Their AI content and other non-AI content were all deindexed, and they lost all their traffic overnight. This tells us that AI-written content will never be safe and can ruin your entire site, regardless of whether most of it is written by you.

So, should we risk using AI? Yes, the reason is simple.
AI is becoming much smarter than humans. It has more knowledge than we can possibly possess. So, using AI instead of browsing for information or reading a book will save you a lot of time. The problem with everything is not AI but spam. As I mentioned before, if AI content ranks 1-10, then all AI writers will just copy and paste from that, which is spam.

Let me ask you a simple question. Do you want to read an article written by a human who knows what they are writing about, or do you want to read an AI article?

Let me ask you another question. If you want facts and stats, do you want to read a human or AI article? See, it might not be the same thing since AI knows a lot more than we do.

What about AI articles and SEO? AI-written articles optimized with SEO will be close to perfect. But since AI-written content is just spam, it might not work. But you can use AI tools to help you write SEO-optimized articles. However, there is one problem with SEO these days.

SEO has become increasingly important when it comes to showing up on top of Google. But what happens when everyone starts writing optimized content with the help of AI just because they want to rank rather than focus on content? If you were Google, what would you do?

If everyone is doing perfect SEO, then is that spam in the eyes of Google?


Don’t use AI content without adding your own words and knowledge. The future is AI, no matter how we look at it, but spam will always be spam, also in the future. Keep this in mind and try to add something unique that comes directly from your own thoughts since you are unique

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