Best Video Editing Software For Beginners

Best Video Editing Software For Beginners

My best picks

In this blog, I will list the best video editing software for beginners and exclude software that is too advanced. We are looking for a short learning curve.

The key to getting started with video editing is getting started. Now, this might sound strange, but how often haven’t you tested a software only to uninstall it after 5 minutes?

If you can get started with an editor software and enjoy making videos with it, then you will increase your knowledge really fast. So, the key is to find something simple but powerful, and that’s where this guide comes into play.

I will only list editor software that performs well and that you can keep for many years.

Key Takeaways

  • Choose software that simplifies rather than complicates your editing journey.
  • Look for a user-friendly interface and intuitive feature set suitable for beginners.
  • Consider software with tutorial resources to guide your learning process.
  • Ensure the software supports the kind of video content you aim to create.

My Best Picks

Video editing software has gotten better and easier to find. This is great news for beginners in digital content creation. My best picks contain excellent video editing programs. They are easy to use but still pack powerful features. This makes them perfect for anyone new to video editing wanting a smooth start.

These are the best beginner video editing software in 2024:

Wondershare Filmora


Wondershare Filmora is popular among new and mid-level editors. Its easy interface helps simplify editing. It’s often named one of the best for beginners because of its drag-drop feature, huge effects library, and easy timeline.

CyberLink PowerDirector

CyberLink PowerDirector is another top choice. It’s great for beginners who want something a bit advanced. It combines an easy-to-use design with advanced features. It’s known for quick rendering and touch editing on Windows.



Clipchamp is noted for being browser-based and simple. If you have internet, you can start editing right away, no strong computer needed. It offers lots of templates and is very user-friendly, perfect for quick projects and social media.

Magix Movie Studio

Magix Movie Studio

Magix Movie Studio is great for those who know the basics and want more. It balances beginner-friendly features with advanced tools. This way, as you learn, you can tackle complex projects without needing new software.

Adobe Premiere Elements

Adobe Premiere Elements

Beginners aiming for pro-level tools might start with Adobe Premiere Elements. It’s a less scary intro to Adobe’s tools, packed with helpful features. The Guided Edits feature is excellent for learning step-by-step, boosting editing skills.

Corel VideoStudio

corel videostudio pro

Corel VideoStudio is perfect for creativity and simplicity lovers. It offers cool features like animations and 360-degree editing. This lets beginners try new things without the stress of complex tools.


SoftwareMain FeaturesUser-Friendly AspectSuitability for Beginners
Wondershare FilmoraDrag-and-drop, effects libraryIntuitive interfaceHigh
CyberLink PowerDirectorAdvanced features, touch supportSimplified designMedium to High
ClipchampBrowser-based, templatesAccessible anywhereHigh
Magix Movie StudioBalanced beginner to advanced featuresStructured interfaceMedium
Adobe Premiere ElementsGuided Edits, Adobe ecosystem introStep-by-step learningMedium to High
Corel VideoStudioCreative features, 360 editingFun to exploreMedium

All of this software will work well, and you will be able to create nice videos without too much difficulty. I have written a short review of all these video editors, which you can find below.

What Is Important for a Beginner

Starting out in video production, I realized choosing right video editing software for beginners is key.

I tried many different video editors before I decided which one to use. One thing I noticed was how difficult some of the editors were. Some that ranked high in Google searches are made for professionals who make normal film movies. And to be honest, I am not on that level. I simply want to make nice-looking YouTube movies, edit personal stuff, and save a bunch of time.

Also, good software offers tutorial resources to help newbies. It’s vital to have strong support ready for when problems arise.

FeatureDescriptionWhy It’s Important
User-Friendly InterfaceClear, streamlined layoutMakes navigation and learning the software easier
Simple Editing ToolsBasic functions that cover cutting, merging, and adding effectsReduces complexity and does not overwhelm beginners
Tutorial ResourcesGuides, videos, and articles for learningProvides learning support to improve skills autonomously
Support OptionsCustomer service through various channelsOffers assistance when users face technical difficulties

Here are my short reviews of the editors I recommend.

Wondershare Filmora Review

I was a newbie in video editing when I started using Wondershare Filmora. Its user-friendly interface and easy-to-use editing tools caught my attention. Spending time with the software showed me why it’s often called one of the best video editing software for beginners.

The simplicity of Filmora is what grabs you first. The user-friendly interface makes you feel welcome. Editing parts of your video, like cutting clips and adding effects, is easy. This makes learning to edit videos less daunting.

Filmora also offers a wide range of editing features. You can do basic edits or dive into advanced options like color correction and sound mixing. Its collection of effects and templates lets even beginners create great-looking videos. These features help you tell your story in a visually interesting way and spark your creativity.

What’s more, Filmora is known for its excellent tutorial resources. You can find these guides both in the software and online. They are perfect for beginners, offering clear instructions and tips. Many users have shared positive feedback about how these tutorials made editing easier for them.

The variety of built-in assets Filmora offers impressed me too. It has a library full of sound clips, animated titles, and overlays. These can make any video look professional with little effort or need to learn complex skills.

For those new to video editing, the positive user reviews highlight how Filmora makes the process smoother. Wondershare Filmora has managed to balance professional-grade editing features with a user-friendly interface. This makes it a top choice for beginner video editors today.

I’ve seen many editing platforms grow. Yet, CyberLink PowerDirector stands out for new and experienced editors alike. It blends professional-grade features with an easy interface. This makes it perfect for those nearly professional in video editing. This PowerDirector review discusses its features aimed at all video creators, especially beginners.

Starting in video editing can be tough for beginners. But PowerDirector makes it easier with its simple design. It comes with lots of effects, multi-track timelines, and advanced options like chroma key. It’s great for anyone wanting to improve their videos.

Those who want to edit anywhere will love PowerDirector’s mobile app. It lets you edit on the move. This flexibility has earned it great user reviews, praising its adaptability for editing on mobile.

But PowerDirector is more than it seems. Let’s look at its features that offer deep video creation tools:

User InterfaceHighly intuitive, drag-and-drop editing with a timeline-based workflow.
Editing ToolsDiverse range including basic trimming to advanced effects like motion tracking.
Effects LibraryExtensive collection of video effects, transitions, and title templates.
Output QualitySupports up to 4K resolution, delivering crisp and professional-grade video outputs.
Mobile EditingComprehensive mobile app allowing for full editing capabilities on mobile devices.
User ReviewsConsistently high ratings for ease of use, feature set, and customer support.

After trying CyberLink PowerDirector, I agree with the user reviews. It’s both powerful and simple. It’s known as a tool for beginners. But it’s also great for creating complex, professional videos. So, start with simple projects and grow to more advanced ones with PowerDirector.

Clipchamp Review

As a seasoned content creator, I’ve explored many video editing tools. Clipchamp has really stood out to me. Let’s dive into why this platform shines for video editing software for beginners.

The user-friendly interface of Clipchamp is easy for newbies. Its drag-and-drop feature is perfect for beginner video editing software users. Plus, browser-based editing means you can edit videos online easily, no need for fancy computers.

Clipchamp’s social media templates are great for marketers and influencers. These designs help create content that pops on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

The stock media library in Clipchamp offers lots of free video clips, songs, and images. It’s awesome for anyone needing quality media without spending a lot.

User reviews say Clipchamp makes starting and finishing video projects easy. It’s perfect for beginners who don’t want to get lost in complexity.

  • Intuitive drag-and-drop interface
  • Effortless integration with social media
  • Varied stock media library for enriched content
  • Positive endorsements from user reviews

In summary, Clipchamp is a great option for new content creators. It offers social media templates, browser-based editing, and simple use, as user reviews have noted. Clipchamp stands out as a top video editing software for beginners.

Magix Movie Studio Review

Starting video editing can feel overwhelming due to the many tools out there. Magix Movie Studio stands out because it’s easy for beginners to use, thanks to its familiar interface. With my background, I think it’s key to offer a detailed Movie Studio review for those new to video editing.

User reviews praise Magix Movie Studio for being easy to get into. It has a bunch of tools that are powerful yet don’t scare away new users. Instead, they help them create great videos without much trouble.

Magix Movie Studio has many templates that save time and teach important design principles. This is great for video editing software for beginners who want to learn from professional layouts. They can then work on their unique styles.

Having a big stock media library is a big plus. It offers lots of images, video clips, and music that can make any project better. This is super helpful for those who can’t make their own media yet.

We should talk about some specifics:

  • The drag-and-drop feature makes editing easier, letting creativity flow without complex steps.
  • A lot of tutorials are available for beginners. They make it less scary to learn beginner video editing software.
  • There are many tools for color fixing, editing audio, and adding text animations. They even impress those above the beginner level.

Let’s look at a table that shows some key features of Magix Movie Studio:

User InterfaceIntuitive and similar to what pros use
TemplatesLots of choice for fast creation and learning
Stock Media LibraryBig selection of free-to-use media
Video & Audio ToolsPowerful, yet easy to use, editing tools
Learning ResourcesDetailed tutorials on how to use the software
User ReviewsMostly positive, especially about how easy it is for beginners

To conclude, my Movie Studio review says Magix Movie Studio is a top choice video editing software for beginners. It’s got loads of resources and a familiar interface that makes starting less daunting. The positive reviews and big stock media library show it’s a good pick for new editors wanting to be creative.

Adobe Premiere Elements Review

I started my video editing journey looking for video editing software for beginners. I wanted tools that were easy to use yet effective. That search led me to Adobe Premiere Elements. I’m excited to share my thoughts on it with you.

Adobe Premiere Elements shines with its user-friendly interface. It’s perfect for beginner video editing software. It makes learning video editing less scary for beginners. The software balances deep editing features with a design that’s easy to understand.

The effects you can use are impressive. They can turn a simple video into something special. This shows Adobe’s dedication to meeting creative needs.

As a beginner, Adobe Premiere Elements gave me confidence to try different editing styles. It has comprehensive tutorials that help every step of the way. – User Review

  • An extensive library of tutorials makes learning easier.
  • Users love how easy it is to use and the strong support.
  • Regular updates show Adobe’s commitment to making it better.

Looking at user reviews, many say the software is great for learning. The tutorials are especially helpful. They allow users to learn quickly and improve their editing skills.

In summary, Adobe Premiere Elements is great for both beginners and experienced editors. It combines a user-friendly interface with powerful editing features and effects. The helpful tutorials add value. This makes it stand out in any Premiere Elements review.

Corel VideoStudio Review

Another beginner-friendly video editing software is Corel VideoStudio. It might not be the one most beginners pick, but it ranks high. To be honest, I haven’t tested it yet, but I am only mentioning it since I can see nice reviews about it.

So what is the Best Video Editing Software For Beginners ?


I am using Wondershare Filmora simply because it’s straightforward yet advanced. I am on the yearly plan since buying it lifetime might seem like a good idea. It sucks if they come out with a new version that’s a lot better, and then you have to purchase it all over again if you want the new version. But that’s up to you. Perhaps the current version of any software is great, and if you don’t need anything else for the next 3-4 years, then yeah, go with the lifetime edition. Lifetime is also great if you don’t make a huge amount of videos and just need something that works and is simple

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