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| Review 2024- CloudFlare Enterprise included – Best Managed WordPress Host – Extremely Fast

In this review, I will look at this fantastic managed WordPress hosting solution from Rocket.

I am unsure if anyone can match their global Time To First Byte (TTFB) and their overall speed; it’s just something you must experience. The total package offers is excellent and positioning itself infront established brands like Cloudways, SiteGround, Kinsta, WP Engine, and others. In this review, I will focus on’s performance, features, and user experience. Short note, Is best managed WordPress hosting in 2024 and one of the best hosting companies in the world?

My best pick

  • Best managed WordPress & Woocommerce provider on the planet for the money.
  • Cloudflare Enterprise for free
  • 32 CPU Cores, 128GB RAM, NVMe storage, Redis, Enterprise security, Best support in the world.

What sets apart from hosting providers is their specialization in Managed wordpress and WooCommerce. They offer Cloudflare Enterprise, a 32 CPU cores, and a whopping 128GB RAM, all of which contribute to exceptional performance for your online store or website. Additionally, their Time to First Byte (TTFB) is exceptional meaning that your site’s initial response time will be top-notch. On top of all that their customer support team is without a doubt industry leading, has set a standard for managed WordPress hosting..

About review and our Key Takeaways

  • is the best choice for managed WordPress hosting & Woocommerce
  • They offer extremely fast website hosting with unmatched speed
  • Powerful features like automatic updates and Enterprise security
  • Reliable 24/7 Fantastic support !
  • 30-day money-back guarantee, first month for $1
  • offers fully optimized hosting solutions, no need to do anything.
  • You get Cloudflare Enterprise, 32 CPU. 128GB RAM at your disposal.
  • The Time to First Byte (TTFB) they provide is impressive
  • Rocket was founded in 2020 by Ben Gabler so it’s a new company but new also means new technology.

Another key feature is the locations of network servers. Their network has over 275+ edge locations around the world for caching and security services.


This ensures your website will load fast, no matter where your visitors are.

Why is TTFB so important?

It measures how quickly a web server responds to a request and starts loading the webpage. A TTFB leads to Core Web Vitals and overall website performance.

When comparing with cloud hosts like Cloudways, Serevebolt, Kinsta, and WP Engine, it becomes evident that stands out due to its TTFB ample resources and superior customer support. Their use of NVMe SSDs, Redis caching, and LiteSpeeds PHP contributes to their speed and performance.

To put it simply, Rocket.nets TTFB of less than 100ms demonstrates their commitment to providing fast website speeds. This does not enhance user experience. It also helps websites achieve better Core Web Vitals. By upgrading to, users can not enhance their websites Time To First Byte (TTFB). Also improve various other performance metrics. With its speed and performance, is the choice, for individuals looking for fast and reliable website hosting.

Why Should You Consider

Well, to be honest, it’s the best when it comes to almost everything. Kinsta and Servebolt are perhaps the two that I find closest. You can check out my reviews on them if you like or just go with If you use WooCommerce, then you will be glad to hear that rocket is optimized for use with WooCommerce.

Another thing is that is extreemly fast out of the box without cache plugins.

Optimized for WooCommerce is specially designed to provide performance, for WooCommerce. With their hosting platform, ensures seamless e commerce experiences for online store owners.

Their WooCommerce hosting solution includes a range of cutting-edge features like Automatic Platform Optimization (APO) routing and tiered caching. These features work together to maximize your WooCommerce sites performance. By optimizing aspects of your website guarantees that your customers will have an enjoyable shopping experience ultimately leading to higher conversions and increased revenue.

With the Rocket.nets solution regarding speed and performance, your WooCommerce site will load quickly. This means that customers can browse through products and make purchases without experiencing any delays, and their dedicated support team is always ready to assist you with any inquiries or issues related to your WooCommerce store. With their help you can ensure operations for your store at all times, and if you think of it. How important is 24/7 help if you run a e-commerce site?

What about speed and CDN Enterprise?

When it comes to hosting a website speed becomes incredibly important. When I found I could not believe all the features they offered in their managed wordpress package. Listen to this:

You will get instant speed optimization with Rockets free Enterprise Edge, that’s fully optimized out of the box. This means you will get the fastest CDN in the world. No matter where you are from it will take 50ms for visitors to knock on your front door.

That’s a game-changer. This means your website will have fantastic speed no matter where the visitor is located. On top of that, you will of course get uptime that CDN offers. There will be no need for loads of plugins to optimize the speed of your homepage. By choosing rocket you are covered with their hosting deal.

They use Cloudlinux OS, Apache as a main webserver with Nginx acting as a reverse proxy to route the traffic through Cloudflare Enterprise, and LiteSpeed’s PHP which is faster than FASTCGI that Kinsta uses. 

Litespeed php is not the same as litespeedweb servers so you don’t want to use the litespeed plugin to optimize your wordpress site if you’re at I recommend WP Rocket plugin, it’s not the same as since it’s two different companies 🙂 but it works really well with

My best pick

  • Best managed WordPress & Woocommerce provider on the planet for the money.
  • Cloudflare Enterprise for free
  • 32 CPU Cores, 128GB RAM, NVMe storage, Redis, Enterprise security, Best support in the world.

Word class security – Impressive solution offers a WordPress Website Firewall (WAF) that ensures protection, for your website against potential attackers. This means you can focus more on managing and developing your website content without worrying about safety and security.

To provide a layer of security every WordPress installation on our platform is equipped with not one but two firewalls. The first firewall, powered by their Enterprise Edge technology is located at the Edge and Scans every request made to your WordPress site. Only after it confirms the safety of the request does it allow it to reach servers.

Additionally, they have a firewall powered by Imunify360 which is present on all servers. This firewall adds another level of protection by safeguarding against brute force attacks, 0 day exploits and various other threats.

With these security measures, in place, you can have peace of mind knowing that your website is well protected while you focus on creating and maintaining engaging content.

And YES, its included.

Managed Hosting Solution offers a managed hosting solution that takes care of all the aspects of running your website. They handle everything from updates and security to optimizing performance so you can focus on growing your business and creating content. What sets apart is its exceptional customer support, 24/7. Their team of experts is always ready to assist with any hosting-related issues or questions you may have. Whether it’s setting up your website troubleshooting problems or simply seeking guidance their support team is there to provide immediate help.

With Rocket.nets optimized servers, reliable support and hassle-free experience you can have peace of mind knowing that your website is taken care of. review


What they offerManaged WordPress Hosting
Automatic updatesYes
Daily backupsYes
Waf securityYes
User-friendly dashboardYes
Advanced analyticsYes
Seamless integration with plugins and themesYes

Fantastic support 24/7 !

“Support is worth zero until you need it, then it’s worth everything.”

Rocket support is rocket. You will get a chat button in your right corner, and with a click and 5 seconds, you can talk to a real person. Not a freaking chatbot. Getting help is so simple; they understand your questions and help you there and then. I hate when sites ask me to send in a support ticket, and then I have to wait 7 days before the answer comes, and by then, I have forgotten what the problem was. Anyway, they are next level. Best in the industry. (chemicloud also has fantastic support)

Having access to 24/7 live chat support is particularly beneficial for businesses that operate on a global scale or have customers in different time zones. Regardless of your location or time zone,’s support team is ready to assist you. Pricing features

rocket pricing

One of the downside with rocket is their bandwidth. You might need to go for one of their higher plans, or you can pay as you go. The main difference with their plans is their storage, bandwidth and numbers of WordPress installs you can have. Remember you can scale up as you go but simply choose the plan you think is best for you and you are good to go.

And if you require even more, you have the enterprise plan.

Additionally, offers a 30-day money-back guarantee, allowing you to try their services without risk.

My best pick

  • Best managed WordPress & Woocommerce provider on the planet for the money.
  • Cloudflare Enterprise for free
  • 32 CPU Cores, 128GB RAM, NVMe storage, Redis, Enterprise security, Best support in the world.

Conclusion of my hosting review

I think is a top choice for managed WordPress hosting. Its exceptional speed, performance, robust features, and reliable support truly set it apart from its competitors.

Just think about it. You get Cloudflare Enterprise for free, 32GB cores, and 128GB RAM. Take this and compare it to anyone, and then look at their prices. stars at $25/mo. Right now, this is by far the best deal you can get. offers industry leading support. I give them 10/10. It’s not possible to get a better support. Everytime I am wondering about something I get instant help. Sometimes It feels they konw what I am going to write since the answer comes so fast that you start wondering.

They also have all kind of guides that help you understand more about their product and features. It’s just brilliant!

To sum things up. is for me the best managed wordpress hosting proivder in the world.

I hope you enjoyed the review of

Until next time, take care and see you soon!


Q: What is

A: is a managed WordPress hosting provider known for its fast performance and reliable support. It offers a range of features designed to optimize WordPress sites.

Q: How does pricing compare to other hosting providers?

A: pricing is competitive compared to other managed WordPress hosting providers, checkout out my other reviews to compare prices and hosting features.

Q: What kind of support does provide?

A: provides 24/7 support via live chat, email, and phone. Their support team is simply fantastic!

Q: How does compare vs other WordPress hosting providers?

A: There are not many who can keep up with Kinsta, another of my favorites is one of them but to be honest, is what I decided to go for since I think they are the best.

Q: How can I setup their CDN enterprise solution

A: You don’t. It’s already in place when you login for the first time. It’s not a plugin, its something only control.

Q: Does offer a user-friendly control panel for its customers?

A: Yes, its extremely simple and easy to use. If your complex CP is important then they are not for you. IF Cpanel is important then go with shared hosting. Rocket cp is simple and easy to use.

Q: Can I trust this review ?

A: Yes, I am using myself.

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