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Servebolt Review – Brilliant Hosting Service

Welcome to my servebolt review 2023 – One of the fastest, best and most performance hosting company

In this Servebolt review, we take a comprehensive look at the features and performance of this top-tier hosting provider. Our Servebolt hosting review examines the vital aspects of their web hosting service, from speed, security, and scalability to customer support and pricing. With a particular focus on Servebolt’s performance review, we assess their commitment to providing the best possible hosting experience to their customers. Additionally, we delve into the specifics of their server infrastructure to help you understand the value provided by this premium hosting platform.

Key Takeaways

  • Servebolt is a high-performance hosting provider that prioritizes speed, security, and scalability.
  • Founded in Norway and available in multiple languages, Servebolt caters to an international audience.
  • Customers can choose from various plans suited for high-traffic websites, e-commerce, and enterprise needs.
  • Advanced features and customized server infrastructure contribute to Servebolt’s exceptional performance.
  • While pricing is on the premium side, the value proposition is supported by a generous 60-day free trial.
  • Customer support is knowledgeable, responsive, and available 24/7 for assistance.
  • Servebolt demonstrates environmental responsibility by focusing on green hosting practices.

Introduction to Servebolt Hosting

In the constantly evolving world of web hosting providers, Servebolt sets itself apart as a top-tier web hosting provider, dedicated to delivering blistering speed and immaculate performance to websites with intensive traffic loads and efficiency demands. Headquartered in Drammen, Norway, Servebolt caters to numerous high-traffic websites and enterprises globally. The platform supports multiple languages, making it an impressive force in the international web hosting market.

Although Servebolt’s pricing gravitates towards the higher end of the spectrum, the company justifies this through its unwavering commitment to speed, security, and scalability. By addressing performance-related issues with optimized network infrastructure and state-of-the-art hardware, Servebolt has honed its hosting prowess to accommodate an assortment of content management systems (CMS) such as WooCommerce, Magento, and Drupal, in addition to its widely acclaimed WordPress services. This versatility positions Servebolt as the go-to solution for various online stores and community-driven sites.

Servebolt advantages that set it apart from its competitors include a robust collection of features, top-notch customer support, and an environmentally responsible approach to their hosting infrastructure. Explore these key advantages to fully understand Servebolt’s unique value proposition in this comprehensive Servebolt review 2023.

  1. Blazing Fast Speeds – Servebolt’s hosting environment is designed to optimize website performance, ensuring uncompromising speed and efficiency.
  2. Advanced Security Measures – Protecting user data and privacy is a high priority for Servebolt, implementing comprehensive security solutions across its hosting platform.
  3. Scalability – Servebolt enables websites to grow seamlessly, providing plans suited to businesses at various stages of development.
  4. Flexible CMS Support – Beyond its expertise in WordPress hosting, Servebolt is compatible with various CMS platforms like WooCommerce, Magento, and Drupal, catering to the diverse needs of online shops and community websites.
  5. Eco-Friendliness – An active proponent of environmentally friendly practices, Servebolt ensures its hosting services are powered primarily by renewable energy sources.

As an enterprise in search of a high-performance web hosting provider, I found Servebolt’s commitment to speed, security, and scalability to be a gamechanger for my business. With their extensive range of features and top-notch CMS support, I trust Servebolt to host and manage my rapidly expanding online presence.

Servebolt AdvantagesWhy It Matters
Blazing Fast SpeedsImproves user experience and plays a critical role in search engine ranking.
Advanced Security MeasuresProtects user data and privacy, ensuring the safe and secure operation of websites.
ScalabilitySeamlessly supports business growth, regardless of website size and traffic.
Flexible CMS SupportCaters to diverse needs, ensuring compatibility with many popular CMS platforms.
Eco-FriendlinessReduced carbon footprint and promotion of sustainable web hosting solutions.

To conclude, Servebolt has crafted an exceptional hosting service that prioritizes speed, security, and scalability. These key factors coupled with their commitment to environmental responsibility make Servebolt a compelling choice for businesses and web developers in need of a powerful hosting solution. For the latest insights, keep an eye on our Servebolt review 2023 to stay informed about this innovative web hosting provider and their expanding list of advantages.

The Servebolt Advantage: Speed and Performance Highlights

In this Servebolt speed review, we’ll uncover the secrets behind the company’s extremely fast hosting performance and explore the technological innovations they leverage to consistently exceed industry standards. By closely examining Servebolt’s high-speed infrastructure and testing their real-world performance, we can gain valuable insights into what sets this cutting-edge web hosting provider apart from the competition.

Servebolt Performance Review

Exploring Servebolt’s High-Speed Infrastructure

At the heart of Servebolt’s outstanding performance lies faster networking using Infiniband technology. This ensures minimal latency and rapid data transfer within their network, making it an ideal choice for demanding web applications and high-traffic websites. In addition to this innovative networking solution, Servebolt leverages a customized version of Linux, optimized caching configurations, state-of-the-art PHP versions, and a tailored NGINX setup for maximum speed and efficiency. All these elements contribute to Servebolt’s exceptional performance, scalability, and concern for website security.

Real-world Performance: Testing Servebolt’s Speed Claims

To put Servebolt’s performance claims to the test, we examined several key benchmarks, including a popular industry-standard GTmetrix review. This analysis revealed that websites hosted on Servebolt loaded in an impressive 3.8 seconds, significantly outpacing the average load time of 8.2 seconds. Moreover, during a monitored two-week period, Servebolt consistently delivered 100% uptime, further solidifying its reputation for exceptional hosting solutions.

According to GTmetrix, websites hosted on Servebolt load within 3.8 seconds, compared to the industry average of 8.2 seconds.

These outstanding performance metrics are also backed by a bold 99.9% uptime guarantee, supported with real-time uptime statistics displayed on Servebolt’s website. Such transparency in showcasing hosting service reliability is a testament to the company’s commitment to providing high-quality hosting solutions that exceed user expectations.

  1. Extremely fast hosting performance powered by Infiniband technology and tailored infrastructure.
  2. Customized Linux, optimized caching configurations, and state-of-the-art PHP versions for maximum efficiency.
  3. Impressive GTmetrix score, outpacing the industry average load time.
  4. Consistent 100% uptime during monitored two-week period.
  5. Transparent hosting service reliability demonstrated through real-time uptime statistics on Servebolt’s website.

In conclusion, this Servebolt performance review highlights the numerous competitive advantages that set this web hosting provider apart from its rivals. With an infrastructure built for speed, cutting-edge technology, and exceptional real-world performance, Servebolt is set to redefine what businesses and users can expect from their hosting solution.

Comprehensive Features and Tools for Advanced Users

When it comes to meeting the demands of experienced users, Servebolt offers a comprehensive suite of advanced hosting tools and features in its platform. This Servebolt features review aims to provide an overview of the powerful server settings management, domain control, extensive database management, comprehensive SSL options, and other user-friendly configurations available within the Servebolt dashboard.

With a strong focus on performance, Servebolt’s advanced features and support for a broad range of platforms and CMS options make it a compelling choice for users who expect more from their hosting provider.

Below is a detailed breakdown of the key features that set Servebolt apart as a superior hosting service for advanced users:

Server Settings ManagementAccess to powerful server-level settings enables users to view and modify a broad range of configurations for optimal performance.
Domain ControlEasily manage multiple domains, subdomains, and DNS records through a user-friendly interface, streamlining website administration.
Database ManagementEfficiently create, manage, and optimize databases with intuitive tools, helping you maintain the highest level of performance for your website.
SSL OptionsAn extensive suite of SSL certificate management tools ensures robust security for your website and protects sensitive data.
Website ConfigurationsEasily configure various aspects of individual websites within the dashboard, providing granular control and customization options.

Support for various CMS options, including WordPress, WooCommerce, Magento, and Drupal, ensures that users can select the platform that best suits their needs.

  1. Built-in cache management and optimization features improve website speed and performance.
  2. Latest PHP versions and tailored NGINX setup ensure optimal compatibility and efficiency.
  3. Support for Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) enables fast global content delivery and reduced latency.

In conclusion, Servebolt’s focus on performance, advanced tools, and user-friendly dashboard make it an attractive solution for advanced users. Coupled with their support for several platforms and CMS options, Servebolt genuinely caters to users with sophisticated hosting requirements, proving itself an exceptional choice in the market.

Servebolt Pricing: Understanding the Value Proposition

In this Servebolt pricing review, we examine the cost-effectiveness of Servebolt plans and analyze the value proposition offered by the hosting provider. Servebolt primarily targets users willing to invest in premium hosting for ultimate speed and performance. The company’s pricing structure caters to demanding applications and web projects, placing significant importance on performance over cost.

Servebolt pricing review

Analyzing the Cost-Effectiveness of Servebolt Plans

Servebolt’s Pro Plan, being the most accessible, starts at €99 per month, offering 4GB of storage with up to three websites. Despite the absence of a money-back guarantee, the company provides an attractive 60-day free trial for testing their services, which adds value to their propositions. The differences in plans are primarily storage, files, database, and dynamic requests. To better assess the value proposition of Servebolt plans, let’s look at a comparison table:

PlanStorageWebsites AllowedDynamic RequestsPrice (per month)
Pro4GBUp to 350,000€99
Business8GBUp to 5100,000€199
Enterprise 116GBUp to 10200,000€349
Enterprise 232GBUp to 20400,000€699

Although the pricing may appear steep to some users, it is essential to weigh the benefits and capabilities provided by Servebolt to determine if the investment is worthwhile. For those prioritizing performance over price, Servebolt’s plans might be just what they need to achieve their desired level of performance and reliability.

In conclusion, Servebolt offers a range of hosting plans designed to cater to users with specific performance requirements. While the pricing might deter some users, the company presents a compelling value proposition to those who prioritize speed and performance above all else. With the additional benefit of a 60-day free trial, it becomes easier for potential customers to give Servebolt a try, allowing them to experience the difference firsthand.

Customer Support Experience: A Critical Review

Understanding the significance of top-notch customer support, Servebolt leaves no stone unturned to ensure its users receive the assistance they need. In this Servebolt customer review, we dive into the details of the Servebolt support experience to determine how well they excel in this critical aspect of hosting services.

Servebolt provides comprehensive customer support through various channels, including live chat, email, and phone. Their support team is available 24/7, ensuring that assistance is always at hand when needed.

On more than one occasion, I found myself reaching out to their customer support, and each time, they were nothing short of helpful and knowledgeable. Their quick response time and attentive nature only added to the customer experience, making it one of the highlights of choosing Servebolt as my hosting provider.

Beyond their personalized support channels, the platform also features an extensive Help Center that functions as a knowledge base. This comprehensive repository covers a wide range of topics, offering numerous guides and how-tos to aid users in navigating various aspects of the platform. Some key areas included in their Help Center are:

  1. Getting Started
  2. Account Management
  3. Server Configuration
  4. Security and SSL
  5. Backup and Recovery

Through these easily-accessible resources, users can often find solutions to their problems without even needing to contact the support team directly.

Support ChannelAvailabilityResponse Time
Live Chat24/7Under 5 minutes
Email24/7Up to an hour

While customer service may not be a priority for all users, Servebolt’s commitment to offering knowledgeable support to those who need it demonstrates their customer-centric approach. This level of support, combined with their performance and feature offerings, makes Servebolt a reliable choice for businesses seeking a premium hosting provider.

The Servebolt User Interface: A Study in Efficiency

Servebolt’s user interface is designed for simplicity and efficiency, allowing users to effectively manage their service settings, domain configurations, databases, and SSL settings from the admin dashboard. The signup process is streamlined, requiring basic information and verification via email and mobile phone.

Servebolt account dashboard

This ease of use extends to account management, and the dashboard allows creative control over every aspect of a user’s hosting experience. Servebolt caters to tech-savvy individuals looking for an interface that provides control without complexity. In this section, we will explore how to navigate the Control Panel and User Dashboard, and what sets it apart from competitor interfaces.

The Control Panel and User Dashboard on Servebolt offer advanced features, while maintaining a user-friendly design. Upon login, users are greeted with an overview of their account and related services, making it easy to quickly access essential settings. Key sections of the dashboard include:

  1. Domains: Manage domain settings such as redirecting, aliases, and DNS configuration
  2. SSL Certificates: Install and manage SSL certificates seamlessly
  3. Database Management: Manage your databases with full control
  4. Server Settings: Adjust server configurations as per your requirements
  5. Account & Billing: Access your account details, update payment methods, and review invoices

Users looking to dive deeper into customization can take advantage of the advanced features for fine-tuning their hosting environment:

As an experienced web developer, I appreciate the control and flexibility offered by the Servebolt dashboard. It has powerful functions, while managing to remain easily navigable. This allows me to manage my sites efficiently and effectively, without getting overwhelmed by unnecessary clutter.

In addition to the intuitive design, managing the Servebolt account dashboard is boosted with the following elements:

  • Extensive tooltips and explanations for each setting
  • Help Center access directly from the dashboard
  • Quick access to support through live chat, phone, and email

Overall, Servebolt user reviews demonstrate that the platform caters to the needs of advanced users while maintaining user-friendliness. Efficiency and control is the key to managing a Servebolt account, making it an ideal choice for businesses and demanding web projects.

Environmental Responsibility: Servebolt’s Commitment to Green Hosting

In today’s world, we cannot ignore the growing need for eco-conscious practices in every aspect of our lives, including the ever-expanding realm of web hosting. The tech industry at large contributes to greenhouse gas emissions and energy consumption, but Servebolt is committed to lessening this environmental impact.

As part of Servebolt’s environmental responsibility, the company ensures that its servers run on renewable energy whenever available. This is a direct reflection of their dedication to green hosting and eco-friendly practices within the industry.

By choosing green hosting Servebolt, customers can align with a hosting provider that places environmental initiatives at the forefront of its corporate culture, demonstrating a steadfast commitment to reducing the carbon footprint and advocating for a greener and more sustainable future.

“Servebolt is committed to lessening the environmental impact of the hosting industry.”

It’s clear that Servebolt aspires to set an example for others in the industry. Their dedication to green practices goes beyond just utilizing renewable energy for their servers. They also:

  1. Optimize server hardware for lower energy consumption.
  2. Engage in responsible waste management and recycling in their facilities.
  3. Implement advanced cooling systems to minimize power usage.

These environmentally responsible efforts are not an afterthought, but an innate part of Servebolt’s corporate culture and core values. Servebolt stakeholders and customers can rest assured knowing that they are working with a company that values sustainability and actively seeks out opportunities to make the world a better place for future generations.

Customer Testimonials and Third-party Endorsements

In the realm of Servebolt review and comparison, customer testimonials and third-party endorsements play a significant role in shaping its reputation as an exceptional hosting services provider. By garnering positive feedback from various sources, Servebolt has demonstrated its unwavering commitment towards speed, scalability, and reliability. This social proof acts as a valuable indicator for prospective customers evaluating Servebolt against competitors in the web hosting industry.

One prominent example of such an endorsement comes from WP Mayor, an influential WordPress resource site. WP Mayor, hosted on Servebolt, shared their experience with the hosting provider to be in line with their claims of providing high-performance and secure hosting with top-notch customer support.

“Servebolt is a high-performing hosting provider that has indeed managed to deliver the exceptional speed and scalability they claim. Their support is knowledgeable and swift, making it easy for companies to rely on them for their mission-critical websites.” – WP Mayor

Is Servebolt worth it? To answer this question, it’s important to compare the company’s offerings and performance to its competitors. The table below highlights some key differences between Servebolt and its competitors in the industry, according to various customer reviews and expert opinions:

CriteriaServeboltCompetitor ACompetitor B
Reliability99.99% uptime99.95% uptime99.90% uptime
Support24/7 live chat, email, phoneEmail, phone during business hoursEmail support only
Environmental ResponsibilityStrong focus on green hostingSome eco-friendly initiativesNo clear commitment to sustainability

Based on the above comparison, it is evident that Servebolt stands out among competitors in essential areas such as speed, scalability, reliability, and environmental responsibility. This further corroborates the positive feedback and endorsements received from customers and third-party advocates alike, reinforcing Servebolt’s top-tier status in the web hosting industry.


In this Servebolt review, we have taken a comprehensive look at their exceptional hosting services, focusing on their high-speed infrastructure, comprehensive tools, transparent pricing, dedicated support, and user-friendly dashboard. As we move into 2023, it’s clear that Servebolt stands out as a premium hosting provider that caters to users who prioritize speed, performance, and advanced features for their websites.

While the price point may be higher compared to other hosting providers, the benefits and capabilities provided by Servebolt could very well justify the investment. For businesses and demanding web projects, we believe the company offers one of the best hosting experiences available. Their focus on environmental responsibility, utilizing renewable energy sources and promoting sustainability in the tech industry, further adds to their appeal.

So if you’re searching for a high-performance hosting service that ticks all the boxes for speed, scalability, reliability, and eco-consciousness, look no further than Servebolt. Your investment in their advanced hosting solutions will definitely be worth it.


Q: What is Serverbolt and what services do they offer?

A: Serverbolt is a web hosting provider that offers superfast and optimized hosting services for websites, particularly focusing on WordPress hosting and accelerated domains. They are known for their top-tier performance and the ability to handle heavy website loads efficiently.

Q: Why should I choose Serverbolt over other web hosting providers?

A: Serverbolt stands out as one of the fastest hosting providers with the fastest average response time, making it an optimal choice for websites that require superior performance. They also offer a wide range of hosting plans to cater to different website needs.

Q: How does Serverbolt optimize WordPress hosting performance?

A: Serverbolt specializes in optimizing WordPress hosting performance, and their hosting plans are designed to provide the fastest load storm average response. They also offer specific features and services tailored for WordPress sites to ensure top-tier performance.

Q: What are Accelerated Domains, and how does Serverbolt incorporate them into their services?

A: Accelerated domains are a feature offered by Serverbolt to enhance website speed and performance. They are integrated into Serverbolt’s hosting infrastructure to ensure websites hosted with them benefit from faster load times and improved user experience.

Q: How does Serverbolt handle heavy website traffic and load storms?

A: Serverbolt has proven its capability to handle heavy website traffic and load storms, making it an ideal hosting provider for websites that experience fluctuations in traffic. Their infrastructure and services are optimized to maintain high performance even under intense loads.

Q: What are some notable features of Serverbolt’s hosting plans?

A: Serverbolt offers a range of hosting plans with features such as advanced optimization, Servebolt CDN, and second fastest hosting performance. These features contribute to the overall superior performance and reliability of their hosting services.

Q: Has Servebolt been reviewed by industry experts or users?

A: Servebolt has received positive reviews and endorsements from industry experts and users alike. Review Signal has recognized Serverbolt as one of the top-tier hosting providers, highlighting their exceptional performance and reliability.

Q: Can I migrate an existing WordPress site to Serverbolt’s hosting platform?

A: Yes, Serverbolt offers migration services for WordPress sites, making it seamless for users to move their websites to the fast and optimized hosting environment provided by Serverbolt. Their team ensures a smooth transition with minimal downtime.

Q: What type of customer support does Serverbolt provide?

A: Serverbolt offers comprehensive customer support, including a dedicated admin team to assist users with any technical issues or inquiries. They prioritize providing excellent support to ensure their customers have a positive hosting experience.

Q: What are the advantages of choosing Serverbolt for web hosting?

A: Choosing Serverbolt means experiencing one of the fastest hosting performance benchmarks and having your website hosted with one of the top-tier hosting companies. Their commitment to speed, reliability, and customer satisfaction makes them an excellent choice for hosting needs.

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